Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wedding Eww!

Hello my dears. I've decided to have weekly posts known as 'Wedding Don'ts!' or 'Wedding Eww!'. This post will consist of tips and images of what NOT to do in a wedding..unless you enjoy being the talk of the town be it good or bad.
Sadly I noticed that there are some weddings in the UAE (and GCC countries) that go the distance to do something that they think is impressive & unique but they end up looking painfully ridiculous!

Refusing to stop being a bride is like Peter Pan never wanting to grow up! A framed photo of your special day is classy. A pillow and a tote bag with your wedding photo smacked on it? Trashy.

Unless you're part of the Walt Disney Magic Night Parade, throw this into the sea.

I promise you. People will make fun of you for months. Do not request to have a life-size wedding cake of yourself...Look at the bride, even SHE couldn't look at it!

Less is always more: Don't. Just. Don't

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